Bro. Credited for Published Work

Bro. Don Jason was recently credited in the published book Improving Library Services in Support of International Students and English as a Second Language Learners.

Chapter 20
Libraries as Cultural Crossroads: Events Promoting Global Diversity
Pamela Bach, Olga Hart, and Don Jason

About the book
International students in the United States contribute to the diversity of university campuses, classrooms, and our communities. These students bring new ways of thinking, help to foster academic competition, and enrich the cultural diversity of campuses and the common understanding and appreciation of differences around the world. At the same time, international students encounter many difficulties and obstacles during their collegiate studies, such as cultural shock, the social isolation of being away from family and friends, being homesick, finding employment and balancing work, financial struggles, different spiritual beliefs, unfamiliar living settings and food options, different learning styles and educational systems, language barriers, and cultural differences.